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Enjoy your stay at the 'Anna Maria' Guest House located in the lovely village of Sierockie, at the slope of the Gubalowka Hill.

High standard of the stay, family-like atmosphere and home-made food will make your stay exciting.

Rest assured Sierockie is one of the few places in the Podhale region where you can forget the busy life and fully relax enjoying the spectacular views of four mountain ranges of the Tatras, the Pieniny, the Gorce, Mt.Babia Gora, and most of the Podhale. Beautiful views, fresh air, nature, and mountainous atmosphere are perfect for walks, hikes, and biking trips.

The guest house is located on a hill by the main road, just next to forests and grasslands which turn into perfect spots to enjoy your skiing experience in winter.

The windows of the guest house look over the panorama of the Tatras, the Gorce, the Pieniny, and Mt.Babia Gora.

Thanks to its location, our guest house is a perfect spot for those willing to escape the busy every-day life. A place where children can enjoy games in the open air or join their parents on a serene walk or a biking trip to the mountains. The town of Zakopane is just a few minutes away as well as places to enjoy a thermal water pools' experience.

About the village

The guest house is located on a hill, next to the main road, just beside forests and grasslands. The grasslands turn into skiing slopes during winter and offer some of the best skiing experience in the region.

The windows overlook the panorama of the Tatra Mountains, the Pieniny Mountains, the Gorce Mountains, and Mt. Babia Gora.

Thanks to its location, our guest house is perfect for those who look for an escape from the busy everyday life, a place where the kids can play in the open-air all day long, a great area to enjoy a walk or a bike ride. A perfect point to start a hike into the Tatra Mountains. It is located very close to Zakopane and places where everyone can enjoy their time at thermal-water swimming pools.
Sierockie is a village located on the Rocky Podhale, on the Spisz-Gubalowka mountain range, just 3 kms away from Bialy Dunajec. Sierockie offers a stay filled with tranquility and beauty. It is the best place to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains.

The village is characterized by the highlander atmosphere and mountainous climate. The nature around the village is amazing. The spring-time in this region is absolutely spectacular with crocuses and other flowers blooming in the surrounding grasslands. All year long the surrounding nature gives you the opportunity to admire its beauty.

The location of the village offers amazing views in all directions:

  • the South offers the panorama of the Tatra Mountians spreading from its highest peaks up to the summits of Slovakia.
  • in the West one can admire the highest peak of the region - Mt.Ostrzysz dominating the village of Koscielisko,
  • the North offers the view of the vast valley of Czarny Dunajec and Nowy Targ, the so called Orawa-Nowy Targ Basin, with its dominant Mt.Babia Gora, the Gorce Mountian and the Podhale mountain range. The view is especially spectacular at night, when most of the area is full of light,
  • in the East, on a sunny day, one can see as far as the peaks of Pieniny Mountains'' Mt.Three Crowns (Trzy Korony).